High-Value Customer Acquisition on Facebook

January 8, 2019

Customer acquisition has long been an engine of growth for e-commerce retail, especially with the expansion of low-cost digital marketing channels like affiliates and product listing ads. But we’ve reached a tipping point as e-commerce approaches maturity—many brands have seen their cost per acquisition (CPA) going up as retailers saturate digital channels to reach new audiences.

At the same time, the return on every new customer acquired is going down, as customers—more price-sensitive than ever—are lured away to low-cost competitors. The way for brands to break the cycle and drive sustainable long-term growth is to focus on acquiring higher-value customers. Read on to learn how to use Twitter’s lookalike audiences to dramatically increase return on ad spend.

Read the whitepaper to learn:

  • How lookalike modeling can significantly improve your online advertising results
  • Why to use predictive high-value segmentation as a “seed” audience
  • What customer lifetime value is and why it is a crucial metric
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