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layers like Amazon are transforming the retail industry. Those that survive (and thrive) are the ones that focus relentlessly on the customer. Successful marketing teams obsess about customer Key Performance Indicators in the boardroom and they've organized their teams and technology to be able to focus on customer goals like boosting the 1-2x buyer rate and preventing churn. To understand which customer KPIs have the greatest impact, we examined five drivers of growth from over 100 of our retail customers (over 500 million end customers and 150 billion dollars in annual transaction volume) and uncovered the metrics that matter. The findings? Customer acquisition is a reliable but inefficient way of driving top-line growth. The savviest retailers are focusing on increasing the engagement of their customers while they're active—a strategy that, point for point, drives three times the growth of acquisition. In this report, we'll share the metrics that drive growth and tactics to improve upon each. P E X E C U T I V E S U M M A R Y 2

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