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T H E S O L U T I O N M A P P I N G C U S T O M E R B E H AV I O R W I T H C U S T O R A The team envisioned a radically more personalized email experience: one in which the content and order of "stories" in a given email would be shaped by an individual's own historical and predicted preferences. But this would require massive data science resources and insight into each customer's future behavior. Custora's customer analytics platform provided the solution. Custora builds a map of each user's behavior, and then looks across millions of data points for hidden relationships between different users–common "stories" or attributes locked within these complex patterns. It was exactly the type of advanced customer-centric approach the team had been looking for to power more relevant email experiences. Using Custora, the team gained visibility into the full predicted affinity profile for each customer—not just products purchased or browsed in the past, but a scored set of product affinities based on the behavior of similar customers. Custora's insights integrated directly with their email service provider, ExactTarget, to power the end delivery of millions of individually-curated emails daily. And the flexibility of the Custora solution gave the team to experiment with different customer experiences—customizing the number of event tiles based on user affinity, for example, or artificially promoting certain types of events to drive greater awareness. T H E R E S U LT S L I F T I N E M A I L C H A N N E L R E V E N U E The company saw an immediate li in email channel revenue aer implementing the Custora solution. Powering emails with predictive user insights led to double-digit li in email engagement metrics and more impressively, a 1.5% overall li in revenue for the business. And because experiences are constantly evolving based on predicted future behavior, the results are showing no signs of fatigue– as customers continue to discover new ways of engaging with the brand. I N Q U I R I E S Brett Robbins Head of Business Development R E Q U E S T A D E M O Start your trial or schedule a demo at C U S T O R A U A great place for marketing teams to learn about e-commerce analytics F A S H I O N R E T A I L E R + C U S T O R A to power the end delivery of millions of individually- emails daily. C U R AT E D

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