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I N Q U I R I E S R E Q U E S T A D E M O Schedule a demo at C U S T O R A U A great place for marketing teams to learn about e-commerce analytics The Results Satisfied customers, incremental revenue "We use Custora to look at the ROI of essentially every single customer, which we can then roll up into whatever level of granularity that we want, like by marketing campaign, channel, or keyword, and we can make much smarter decisions about how to balance our marketing spend across those dimensions," said Andrew Mok. Custora allows Turo to focus on acquiring higher-value customers for less while keeping an eye on where to down-bid on efforts that attract low-value customers. Now, Turo puts a CLV target to every channel, campaign, and even down to specific keywords. This attention to detail has helped Turo improve their marketing ROI by roughly 300% since adopting Custora, which was critical in their gains. Between 2014 and 2018, Turo increased their annualized gross revenue by over 25x, and they continue to grow rapidly and more importantly, efficiently. T U R O + C U S T O R A The Solution Custora's Granular CLV to Improve Customer Acquisition Cost Turo adopted Custora's predictive CLV analytics to automate their calculations and gain greater accuracy in modeling. Now they use Custora to quickly and easily see the ROI of every single customer, which can be investigated at whatever level of granularity they want, like by channel, campaign, or keyword. This helps them make better decisions about how to balance marketing spend across the department's efforts. Turo now feeds Custora more than 50 variables, and because of Custora's machine-learning foundation, the analytics gain in sophistication and the system gets smarter with every upload. dimensions would've resulted in thousands of spreadsheets. As the marketing team strived toward greater sophistication, it became apparent that the system didn't work. "We've built a whole data pipeline around Custora. Custora is the brain that powers our marketing analytics stack. We feed the data into dashboards that help us keep a pulse on our marketing performance, and we've even started to build automated bidders that use the CLV data from Custora. There's an entire ecosystem powered by Custora's CLV engine," said Turo CMO, Andrew Mok. W E C A N M A K E M UC H S M A RT E R D EC I S I O N S A BOU T H OW TO BA L A N C E OU R M A R K E T I N G S P E N D . Andrew Mok, CMO

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