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S A L E S @ C U S T O R A . C O M Retail Categories we Serve Solutions "If I told you how much better our Facebook and display advertising campaigns performed once we began to incorporate Custora's predictive customer lifetime value into our audience targeting, you simply would not believe me." - Ben Hemphill, Crocs, Global SVP of Marketing Mini Case Study Crocs aimed to transform their online business by reducing reliance on discounts. Using Custora, Croc's identified an array of customer segments with varying pricing preferences. They discovered a large population who were responsive to win-back messaging without a discount, which showed a 2x li! in revenue per user compared to the no-email control group. The tests also uncovered optimal discounts for other segments, where promotions resulted in positive return on investment. Campaigns built on pricing preference insights have generated incremental revenue that represents a 10x ROI for Crocs' investment in Custora. Customer Acquisition One-Time Buyer Conversion Personalized Cross-Selling Customer Retention Promotion Reduction Data-Driven Merchandising Customer Equity Modeling Data Science
 Productivity Understand each individual customer's expected lifetime value and product a#nities, design experiments, and move quickly from insight to action. Centralize your customer data into a single system with all of the functionality needed to manage easy and effective first-time buyer programs. Pull together rich predictive profiles and product/ category a#nities for each individual customer to inform more relevant communications. Manage the complexity of individual retention programs and develop VIP customers without the burden of manual processes and disparate data. Understand each customer's propensity to buy with a discount to better align promotional activity with where it have the most impact. Out-of-the-box, build product a#nity clusters that would take a team of consultants or data scientists weeks, if not months, to build. Customer equity—or the total combined lifetime value of all of your customers—is a powerful forecasting metric and great predictor of total company value. Custora helps you stretch your analytic dollar by automating many foundational tasks that typically take up large parts of a data analyst's day. J E W E L R Y F L O R A L + G I F T S A U T O M O T I V E P E T C A R E E L E C T R O N I C S H O M E G O O D S F O O D + B E V E R A G E H E A L T H + B E A U T Y F O O T W E A R F A S H I O N A P P A R E L

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