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Since its founding in 1982, the Kenneth Cole fashion house has sought to connect with customers by addressing not just what they look like on the outside, but who they are on the inside. Looking for ways to leverage the display channel to reach customers in key segments across the open web, they wanted to not only increase their return on ad spend (ROAS), but also target customers who were predicted to have the highest lifetime value to prioritize long-term profitability over short-term revenue gains. K E N N E T H C O L E + C U S T O R A K E N N E T H CO L E O PT I M I Z E S T H E I R D I S P L AY A DV E RT I S I N G TO D E L I V E R 2 .6 x R O I CASE STUDY LiveRamp and Custora — a customer intelligence platform that uses retailers' first-party data to provide detailed, action-oriented portraits of each customer — partnered together to help Kenneth Cole build more meaningful relationships with existing customers to unlock more value rather than focusing only on website visitors and users in market for specific products. Before this partnership, Kenneth Cole was remarketing to website visitors who had not made a purchase with the brand. Custora's integration with LiveRamp helped them move beyond website visitors by extending traditional CRM functionality — like segmentation of known customers — The Challenge Long-Term Profitability The Solution Tailored Content for High-Value Prospects to the broader media ecosystem which helped Kenneth Cole increase its scale of high-value prospects and deliver more relevant tailored ads. Kenneth Cole onboarded its predicted future high-value customer audience segment via LiveRamp for targeting. Audiences powered by these first- party insights were seamlessly made available in LiveRamp via direct integration, enabling the Kenneth Cole team to distribute and leverage them across LiveRamp's network of DSPs and DMPs. THE RESULTS THAT RETAILERS EXPERIENCE WHEN COMBINING CUSTORA AND LIVERAMP ARE REMARKABLE. - Corey Pierson, CEO of Custora

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