Happy Customers, Fewer Promos—Custora Releases Discount and MSRP Sensitivity Segmentation

The cycle of endless promotions. Margin compression. Disco(unt) fever. We all feel it.

Every year it gets harder for businesses to hit their comps without resorting to promotions. We’d call it a dog-eat-dog world, but all the dogs we know are actually pretty friendly.

In any case, it’s a crummy cycle—one that Custora’s been hard at work to break. We’re excited to roll out two new forms of segmentation that help retailers drive growth and maximize the value of customer relationships, all while stemming the discount tide.

Discount sensitivity segmentation separates customers based on how they respond to discounts. Discount seekers, discount opportunists, or full-price shoppers – now Custora provides visibility into each customer’s predicted promotional behavior. The result is a better customer experience with fewer promos.

Here are a few ways Custora customers have been driving great results with discount sensitivity segmentation:

  • Over-communicating with discount seekers during clearance periods to move through seasonal product
  • Focusing new arrivals messages around full-price shoppers, and markdowns around customers who wait for discounts
  • Customizing email banners and onsite experiences around the calls to action that are likely to resonate with different discount segments

To complement discount segmentation, we’re also rolling out preferred list price segmentation: a way to hone in on what item list price (or MSRP) is likely to resonate with each customer. Sharpen product targeting for pricey items by focusing on customers who usually buy at the premium end of the category, and more modestly-priced merchandise by focusing on customers who seek out lower-ticket swag.

Together, discount sensitivity and preferred list price segmentation are designed to help marketers craft a more meaningful customer experience. So whether a customer goes for the Rolex or the Timex—and whether she’s a full price shopper or a discount seeker—there’s a relevant way to connect with her.

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