The Secret to a Single Customer View

Corey Talking to a Camera About The Secret to a “Single Customer View”

Featuring Corey Pierson, CEO and Cofounder of Custora


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The first question to ask yourself on the road to a customer-centric retail marketing program is this: Is our data organized in one place for a single view of the customer?

We talk to a lot of brands that are passionate about “following her wherever she goes.” 360-degree initiatives that maybe were followed by the second version, 360 v.2... 360 v.3… I think we’re up to 360 v.10 right now. 

But usually one of the major stumbling blocks has to do with just getting the data in the right place before you start doing anything.

You think of a retail brand that has been around for a while — especially if you've been around for 10, 15 years or more — and you have multiple versions of POS systems. You've been through more website iterations than you can count. The data is a mess, and you can't do anything with messy data.

It's like you're trying to make sense of your customers, but it's a jigsaw puzzle and all you see is the top left corner of the person's head or something like that. The bedrock of all customer-centric analysis requires that you have your data in one place together.

There are many different ways to do that.

The original version of the CRM database in our world of retail or the customer data warehouse are still widely used by many brands. We often integrate data that's been brought together from some of the mainstay staples in the data warehouse universe.

There's a whole new crop of customer data platforms that are going about a similar challenge but maybe with a more current version of the technology to help stitch together data and get it in the same place

But at a high level, you can't analyze customers if your customer data is spread across 15 different systems. It's just impossible. Often one of the first things you think through, "Hey, I want to be customer-centric. I want to follow her wherever she goes." Get the darn data together and you can make that 360-degree view a reality because, after that, it's just as big of a challenge to make sense out of the data and use it, but you have to start with the foundation.

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