Measuring Impact With Control Groups

July 26, 2019

Featuring Chandler Dutton, Senior Customer Engagement Associate at Custora.

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The other thing you really want to think about, even aside from leveraging the information you have about your customers currently is, are you gathering more information in a test-and-learn environment?

You're only as good as the information you have about your customers and a great way to get more information about your customers is actually doing test-and-control experiments. Testing into whether the insights you have actually directly translate into marketing action.

You might know that particular customers like to shop sweaters at a particular time. The question is, is that influenced by a marketing behavior? Is that influenced by you messaging them about that at that time, or is that the sort of behavior that is irrespective of how you talk to them?

This is how people shop. If you actually set up a test-and-control experiment, you can get an understanding of, are the insights you're seeing valuable insights or are they actionable insights that can transform the way you talk to your customers

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