"Tailoring Customer Experiences with Data" with Taylor Stitch

October 24, 2019

In one of the most buzzed-about presentations at CARMA 2019, Michael Laniak, Director of Customer Service and Retention for Taylor Stitch, gives a detailed step-by-step of how his organization was able to rank in the 99th percentile of retail NPS and customer satisfaction scores, including:  

  • The exact technology in his team’s minimalist, fully integrated, automated, and efficient stack
  • How Taylor Stitch tags and tracks customers by profile and segment to understand past, present, and future behavior
  • Integrating data into customer service to facilitate empathetic customer conversations across channels, personalized onsite experience, automatic re-merchandising, proactive customer service (versus reactive), and how customer service (not marketing) is behind the brand’s most profitable email. 
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